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6/24/2015: Lenore Ealy speaks to interns at Sagamore Institute

TPE President Lenore Ealy joined the summer interns at Sagamore Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana, for their weekly “Lunch & Learn” session on Wednesday, June 24.  

6/15/2015: Lenore Ealy lectures at Acton University 2015

Lenore Ealy was honored to be invited to lecture at this year’s Acton University, a four-day exploration of the intellectual foundations of a free society hosted by the Acton Institute.  

5/21-22/2015: Spark Forum convened in Charlotte, NC

The Philanthropic Enterprise hosted its second Spark Forum at the elegant Duke Mansion in Charlotte, NC, May 21-22.  

4/14/2015: TPE @ Association of Private Enterprise Education Conference

Lenore Ealy chaired a panel on “The Nonprofit Sector: Analytical and Normative Challenges” at the 2015 APEE meeting which was held April 12-15 in Cancun, Mexico.  

3/13/2015: “Third Sector” Panel at Public Choice Society

Building upon working papers presented at our November 2014 conference on “Philanthropy & the Economic Way of Thinking,” The Philanthropic Enterprise organized a panel for the 52nd annual meeting of the Public Choice Society held in San Antonio, TX, March 12-15, 2015.

Lenore Ealy writes on crony philanthropy at Law & Liberty

Writing at Law and Liberty, Lenore Ealy discusses the problems of crony philanthropy.  

Lenore Ealy speaks to Bastiat Societies

TPE President Lenore Ealy gave a talk on “Exit, Voice, and Bourbon” at the July 14 meeting of the Indianapolis Chapter of The Bastiat Society.  

Good to see real debate emerging

It was good to read Scott Walter’s recent coverage of the ACR meeting at Philanthropy Daily: Moderator Sandra Swirski of ACR reiterated the need for the audience to help move Congress from the view of the charitable tax deduction as a “subsidy” of good works by the government to the tax-base theory advocated by Woolf: “If you give it away, it’s simply not income.”

Nourishing America

In a recently popular documentary, Rosie, a 5th-grader from a small town in Colorado, describes how she often goes to bed with an empty pit in her stomach.

Transparent Charity

In a May column at Forbes, Alex Chafuen discusses John Tyler’s 2013 publication “Transparency in Philanthropy” by way of Renaissance Florence and the work of the “Good men of San Martino” the Buonomini of San Martino, a brotherhood founded in 1441.

Markets, Entitlement and The Ethos of Modern Philanthropy

Writing in The Public Discourse last week (A Moral Foundation for Entitlement Reform), Adam MacLeod proposes that charity forms sympathetic bonds between donors and their recipients in ways that government entitlement payments cannot: Acts of sharing and exchange within the family establish moral connections.

Defending the Charitable Status Quo

Writing at Philanthropy Daily, Lenore Ealy, Virgil Storr and Chris Coyne suggest that current defenses of the charitable status quo on the basis of the economic impact of philanthropy need closer examination: The nonprofit sector today grasps both at its Tocquevillean heritage and at the charitable deduction as necessary to its sustenance.