3/13/2015: “Third Sector” Panel at Public Choice Society

Building upon working papers presented at our November 2014 conference on “Philanthropy & the Economic Way of Thinking,” The Philanthropic Enterprise organized a panel for the 52nd annual meeting of the Public Choice Society held in San Antonio, TX, March 12-15, 2015.

The panel was organized by Paul Dragos Aligica of George Mason University.
Lenore Ealy of The Philanthropic Enterprise chaired the panel, and Richard Wagner of George Mason University served as discussant. Papers included:

The Philanthropic Enterprise: Ideas, Institutions, Orders and Organizations from Cornuelle to the Ostroms
Presenter: Lenore Ealy

The Third Sector: Charting the Territory through Ostromian Theoretical Lenses
Presenter: Paul Dragos Aligica

A Microfoundation of Social Entrepreneurship: Ostromian Polycentricity and Hayekian Knowledge
Presenter: Gordon Shockley
Co-Author(s): Peter Frank

Poverty Alleviation as an Economic Problem
Presenter: Adam Martin
Co-Author(s): Matias Petersen