The Spark Forum


It’s time to spark a serious conversation about philanthropy…about liberty…about the future.

The Spark Forum brings together executives, entrepreneurs, and scholars to renew our hope for the future of freedom by strengthening our understanding of how liberty and philanthropy are intimately related. Americans have long shared a dream of creating a society that could be at once free and humane. Today, however, so much of our social and political discourse divides rather than unites us. Without an intensive effort to renew the best American traditions of civility and reasoned deliberation, how can we pass on a legacy of liberty and prosperity to future generations? The Spark Forum seeks to ignite a conversation that begins from first principles and informs our understanding, rebuilds trust, and restores the meaning of self-governance.

Limited to 20 participants, each Spark Forum gathering provides a rich, guided exploration of how our systems of social cooperation—including the rule of law, the institutions of private property and market exchange, the freedom to associate in both commercial firms and charitable entities, and a healthy ethic of competition—contribute to the wealth and health of our nation and others.

Recent Events:

February 7-8, 2016   New York, NY:  “Philanthropy & Private Governance”

May 21-22, 2015   Charlotte, NC:  “Human Nature & Philanthropy”

August 7-8, 2014   Milwaukee, WI:  “Re-thinking Taxation: Prosperity, Philanthropy and Civil Society”