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No Grades, No Tests, Lots of Learning

Ariel Miller aced high school chemistry. “I got a 100 on a test, but didn’t learn a thing,” she admits.

Education alternative education learner-centered education

Freewheelin’ Dreams

When Nancy Stimson retired from youth ministry in 2004, she had no intention of starting her own non-profit.

Education social enterprise

Pay-it-Forward Tutoring

Students don’t always need teachers to learn. Sometimes they just need each other. That was definitely true in the case of a group of high schoolers from Texas who saw their classmates struggling to get the tutoring they needed.

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A Q&A with Founder of The Soleil School

Similar to Skybridge Academy but for elementary school children, The Soleil School operates around the idea that each child is the center of the learning experience.

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For-Profit Solutions

Profit, Compassion and Grit

CleanTurn provides general labor services to local businesses and organizations in Columbus, Ohio. While fulfilling market demand, CleanTurn also provides market-wage employment opportunities to individuals who have high obstacles to employment, including prior incarceration.

For-Profit Solutions recidivism social entrepreneurship

Health and Vitality

CrossFit Confidence

Reprinted with permission from Outreach, Inc. Everyone else is finished, but one young man hangs from a bar, only halfway done with the morning’s exercise routine at the CrossFit gym at the corner of 10th and Post Road on Indianapolis’ eastside.

Health and Vitality health homelessness

Lunch Break Health Care

Jane Werner was having heart trouble. She had no energy and felt like sleeping all the time.

Health and Vitality employer-sponsored wellness centers

Free to Share

When SueAnne Bassett learned that she had stage four cervical cancer eight years ago, her doctors gave her a 20 percent chance that she would live five years, and that was with full-blown chemo and radiation treatment.

Health and Vitality health care sharing health insurance

Algorithmic Remedies

Like any woman with her lifestyle and demographics, she would never have anticipated the diagnosis. Stage 1 breast cancer.

Health and Vitality Donor chains patient networks

Household Economics

Microfinance in America

How Microenterprise is Creating Personal Resilience While Eliminating Poverty

Household Economics microfinance

Peer Power

Eleven years ago, Bruno Rivas left Mexico City to make a better living for his family in San Francisco.

Household Economics microfinance peer lending circle

Grade School Marketplace

Every Friday, India Ghee receives a paycheck, and like most other Americans, she must decide how much of it she will spend, save, and give.

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Bringing Life to a Food Desert

“What do you love about your grocery store?” an interviewer asks California locals on a Youtube video.

Nourishment community market

So All May Eat

In the heart of Denver on Colfax Avenue, you enter a cheery storefront café and step in line to see what’s on the menu today.

Nourishment community cafe hunger

The Garden That Gives Together

In the heart of Austin, Texas, a sprawling three-acre community garden teems with life: young couples and retirees work alongside each other, planting their first plot or harvesting their 30th season of heirloom tomatoes.

Nourishment community gardening