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The Good, the Bad, and the Charitable

Robert Atkinson and William Dennis both critique the philanthropic tax exemption in the United States in a manner reminiscent of Augustine’s early pleas for chastity: “IRS, grant me taxation, but not yet.”

Good to see real debate emerging

It was good to read Scott Walter’s recent coverage of the ACR meeting at Philanthropy Daily: Moderator Sandra Swirski of ACR reiterated the need for the audience to help move Congress from the view of the charitable tax deduction as a “subsidy” of good works by the government to the tax-base theory advocated by Woolf: “If you give it away, it’s simply not income.”

Defending the Charitable Status Quo

Writing at Philanthropy Daily, Lenore Ealy, Virgil Storr and Chris Coyne suggest that current defenses of the charitable status quo on the basis of the economic impact of philanthropy need closer examination: The nonprofit sector today grasps both at its Tocquevillean heritage and at the charitable deduction as necessary to its sustenance.