4/14/2015: TPE @ Association of Private Enterprise Education Conference

Lenore Ealy chaired a panel on “The Nonprofit Sector: Analytical and Normative Challenges” at the 2015 APEE meeting which was held April 12-15 in Cancun, Mexico.  Co-organized with TPE Senior Fellow Paul Dragos Aligica, the panel included the following presentations:

“Philanthropy and the Knowledge Problem”
Lenore Ealy (The Philanthropic Enterprise)

“Courting Leviathan: The Consequences of Government Subsidy of Private Philanthropy”
Stewart Dompe (Johnson and Wales University) and Adam Christopher Smith (Johnson and Wales University)

“Public Entrepreneurship: The Notion and Its Implications”
Paul Dragos Aligica (George Mason University) and Ion Sterpan (George Mason University)

“Affordable Housing and Unaffordable Grants: An Analysis of Habitat for Humanity”
Stefanie J. Haeffele-Balch (George Mason University)


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