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Empowering, Not Enfeebling: Beyond the ‘Market V. State’ Dichotomy

The very core of philanthropy is the desire to do something, and rightly so. But sometimes we need to pull back and let individuals work to form their own associations, based on their own goals and taking advantage of their dispersed knowledge and diverse talents.

Does Lowering Barriers to Goodness Promote Pathological Altruism?

In The Freeman today, Fred Foldvary asks “Do Markets Promote Immoral Behavior?” After distinguishing markets (buying and selling operating within an ethical and legal framework) from bazaars (spaces characterized merely by buying and selling) and exploring the universal ethic operational within markets, (in Foldvary’s definition ethical action hinges upon voluntary actions and transactions that generate beneficial consequences), Foldvary goes on to discuss the ways in which markets not only inhibit immoral behavior but also promote good.