Zoysia over Zucchini?

When a family garden becomes an “eyesore” because it displaces a bit of lawn….

John Robb keeps us posted at Resilient Communities on the efforts of Karl Tricamo of Ferguson, Missouri, to keep his family garden over objections from town officials.

John offers some thoughtful comments on the dependency of consumerism that bear our reflection. The desire to keep up with and look like the Joneses carries with it an ethos of acquisition and a leveling aesthetic that prefers zoysia to zucchini….even in this summer of drought!

Oscar Wilde proposed that life imitates art, but it’s increasingly clear that more and more of us are reflecting more consciously on the arts by which we feed and flourish, and opening ourselves to new possibilities of “home economics“!

A couple of my neighbors and I still participate in that old pay-it-forward tradition of “loaning” sugar, eggs, a cup of milk, or even chicken noodle soup when called upon. Here’s to hoping something other than jalapeños ripens in my own garden before first frost! (I was a bit (6weeks?!) late getting things in this spring–but we’re doing much better than this photo above, taken June 2011!)