Fellowships and Awards

The Philanthropic Enterprise invests in human capital through its fellowship and award programs. Through these programs, The Philanthropic Enterprise uses philanthropic resources to support the work of researchers and entrepreneurs who are advancing our understanding of philanthropy and social processes.

Senior Fellowships

The Philanthropic Enterprise’s Senior Fellows conduct research, help develop colloquia and conferences, provide public lectures and seminars, mentor junior scholars, and assist in annual program planning. They are distinguished senior scholars or executives whose work exemplifies the concerns of the organization and is likely to play a critical role in shaping a better public understanding of the role of philanthropy in a free society.

Research Fellowships

Research Fellowships are awarded to scholars and authors demonstrating a desire and capability for advancing specific areas of research that complement our programs. These fellowships are intended as short-term support for clearly defined projects that will result in the advancement of knowledge through publication and teaching.


The Hayek Awards recognize and support the work of scholars who apply the perspective of Austrian methodological individualism to areas outside the realm of traditional economic study. Previous award winners include Pierre Desrochers, Paul Dragos Aligica, Daniel B. Klein, Emily Chamlee-Wright, Edward Stringham,  James R. Otteson, and others.

Lifetime Achievement Awards are presented from time to time to distinguished senior scholars whose work exemplifies the ideals of The Philanthropic Enterprise in advancing understanding of the social institutions that promote the flourishing of free and humane societies. Previous winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award include Vincent Ostrom, Elinor Ostrom, Gordon Tullock, Peter L. Berger, and James M. Buchanan.