Conversations on Philanthropy

Annually published since 2004, Conversations on Philanthropy serves as the primary dissemination mechanism for The Philanthropic Enterprise’s scholarly work to academics and thought leaders.

Past issues of the journal have examined the “calculation problem” in non-priced environments such as philanthropy; the relationship of philanthropy and politics, the potential of microenterprise as a philanthropic strategy; the implications of the work of Kenneth Boulding for philanthropic theory and practice; what the field of positive psychology can teach philanthropists; how philanthropists can truly “invest in happiness”; philanthropic myths; and numerous other topics.

Contributors have included leading thinkers such as Emily Chamlee-Wright, Steven Grosby, Richard Gunderman, Jonathan Imber, James Otteson, Robert Garnett, Peter Boettke, Nicholas Capaldi, Paul Schervish, Frederick Turner, and Gordon Lloyd.

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