Freewheelin’ Dreams

When Nancy Stimson retired from youth ministry in 2004, she had no intention of starting her own non-profit.

Pay-it-Forward Tutoring

Students don’t always need teachers to learn. Sometimes they just need each other. That was definitely true in the case of a group of high schoolers from Texas who saw their classmates struggling to get the tutoring they needed.

A Q&A with Founder of The Soleil School

Similar to Skybridge Academy but for elementary school children, The Soleil School operates around the idea that each child is the center of the learning experience.

Nourishing America

In a recently popular documentary, Rosie, a 5th-grader from a small town in Colorado, describes how she often goes to bed with an empty pit in her stomach.

Bringing Life to a Food Desert

“What do you love about your grocery store?” an interviewer asks California locals on a Youtube video.

So All May Eat

In the heart of Denver on Colfax Avenue, you enter a cheery storefront café and step in line to see what’s on the menu today.

The Garden That Gives Together

In the heart of Austin, Texas, a sprawling three-acre community garden teems with life: young couples and retirees work alongside each other, planting their first plot or harvesting their 30th season of heirloom tomatoes.


Max Borders, The Foundation for Economic Education You are reading this book right now thanks to the generosity of others.

Adam Smith’s Unfinished Project

Coming April 22nd: a lecture at St. Lawrence University by Senior Fellow Rob Garnett on “Commerce and Beneficence: Adam Smith’s Unfinished Project” Each individual in modern society “stands at all times in need of the cooperation and assistance of great multitudes,” Adam Smith observes.